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Into The Breach's launch trailer stomps out a little early

Destroy all monsters

From a conclave of Earth nations comes the order: DESTROY ALL MONSTERS. Such is the way of Into The Breach, the kaiju-fighting turn-based tactical game from FTL studio Subset Games. Everyone at RPS who has played Into The Breach--let's call them 'the jerks', for simplicity's sake--has raved about fighting monsters with warbots through its small, focused battles on little grids in only a handful of turns. It'll launch tomorrow but the launch trailer is here today, so let's have a look at what the jerks have been playing.

Monsters from the bowels of the Earth are coming up to the surface to smash our shiny civilisation, so we have to destroy them using our customisable mechs in turn-based action. Battles rage across small grids--think 8x8--and don't go on for long, five or so turns to stop monsters from crushing vital infrastructure buildings that power our war machine. As Slay The Spire does, Into The Breach shows enemy intentions clearly so our turns are about interrupting their actions using our fancy technology and just plain violence.

Here's something Adam the jerk said in the jerks' Into The Breach group chat about how it escalates:

"My point is, it's a game that increases in complexity as you unlock stuff, but it's the complexity of what you can do, so instead of just punching or shooting, you're ejecting smoke that prevents baddies from attacking, or pushing and pulling enemies around the map without actually damaging them. And then there are pieces of equipment that change the way scenery and weapons work. The islands get more complex too, throwing in a third faction in the form of robots that have lost their artificial minds and attack EVERYONE. And half the time you have to defend them, even though they're trying to kill you.

"It keeps adding these new wrinkles without losing the simplicity of its tiny maps and brief missions."

All right, that's enough from that jerk. Alec the jerk has delivered an after-action report from some of his scraps too.

Into The Breach is out tommorow, Tuesday the 27th of February. It'll be on Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store for $15. The Windows version is out first, with Mac and Linux releases planned to follow later.

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