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Invade Your Own Home: Intruder Adds Custom Maps

First-person sneak-o-shooting

Intruder might not be the prettiest game at this point in its development, but what we played of it was fine team-based first-person stealth-o-shooting with handy gadgets. Now you can live your dreams of joining a team to break out of your office undetected, as a hearty patch launched shortly before Christmas adding newness including support for custom levels. We would've told you then, but, well, I had mulled wine. Oh, now it has ziplines too. Can't forget the ziplines.

The patch Superboss called "THE BIG ONE" means folks can now make their own maps in Unity, and naturally play 'em with other folks. More than in many FPSs, where levels are abstract murderzones simply painted up as real places, your office or home might make decent levels. Intruder's heavy stealth can make use of vents and dead-end rooms and all those other things that slow traditional shooty-bangs, after all. The patch added a load of other stuff too, so do dive into the notes if you're curious.

I'd missed Craig's preview the first time around, and reading it now am pretty excited by tales of hiding behind plants, flushing people out of vents, catching other players out by hearing their radio, peering around corners with a camera on a stick, and hastily improvising when plans go Pete Tong.

If you want to play, though, you might be in for a wait. Superboss only sell a few early access slots at a time for a $10 minimum (about £6.50). Only 15 spaces are left as I write this, and who knows how long they'll last? Quiet and deliberate growth might be sensible for a complex game still with a lot of work left, lest it be flooded with demanding hooligans. Here, enjoy some hammy infiltration:

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