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Iron Dukes

I've been meaning to play this since seeing it was in the IGF finalists, but Leigh Alexander being happy about it in the afterglow of her cleaning up Patrick Murphy's interview with the developers over at Gamasutra made me follow the link and play the preview version online. And it's really cute, in a deliciously warped fashion. It's basically a much more playful Pirates with a splash of RPG-elements and a tongue-in-cheek Steampunk approach which brings to mind Mike Mignola's delirious The Amazing Screw-On Head. Except even sillier.

To be honest, I really just wanted to show a picture of my crewmen's equipment. Here's the little guys...
+4 against something or another.

Which probably expresses what sort of RPG we're talking about here. There's basically three sorts of subgames: Diving, Fighting and Stormy-waters navigation, made easier by the three stats.

And that's about all there is too it. You'll probably giggle, and I suspect today is a good day for a giggle.

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