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Iron Helmet Reveal Blight Of The Immortals

You know what I love? Turn-based strategy games! I can't get enough of them. Ohnowait, I've confused me with someone else. But I'm extremely assured by people both taller and wiser than me that others like them a lot. And it will be with no small clamour of excitement that they hear the news that the team behind Neptune's Pride, Iron Helmet, have announced their new game. It's called Blight Of The Immortals, and you can expect many more informed details from everyone else who works for this site when they see what a job I've made of it.

Once again it's a game designed to be played online, for a few minutes a day. An online boardgame they describe it. In fact, they describe it like this:

"A new kind of game with the simplicity of a board-game, but online making it easy to connect with your friends, and real-time so the game keeps tick, tick, ticking along."

But this one's not in space. It's in gaming's other location, fantasyland. Orcs, goblins, walking trees - you know the deal. And they're all fighting against the zombie Blight. In other words, everyone's working together. Except, only sort of. Trade and negotiation will be key, and "everybody wins when the Blight is put down." But there's a but:

"But the player with the largest empire reaps the most rewards."

Games are intended to last a few weeks, as you order your armies, build cities, and manage resources, in competition with your chums.

Which basically means it's a chance for Jim to stab Phill in the back all over again. That's what Phill tells me, anyway. Of course, the reality is everyone will stab everyone. As proven in our excellent accounts of playing Neptune's Pride, which you can enjoy all over again here.

Meanwhile, here's the only screenshot that exists so far:

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