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It Doesn't Blow: Emberwind

We're had a few people write to us about this Indie Platformer - not least the developer - so I started my day with a quick run through the demo. And it's actually pretty neat, reminding me of the smarter breed of 90s Amiga Platformers with an RPG twist. The trailer certainly shows off the sort of escapades you get up to - I didn't get to it, but there's something which is pretty reminiscent of the coin-op Ramparts. Also, the Owl reminds me of the one out of Agony (Though without its famous tranquil theme music). There was one example of an odd instant death when going down a hole in water - which raises an eyebrow, because it's in water - but it keeps its charm. Demo here, full game for just over a tenner and the launch trailer follows...

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