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It Only Gets Weirder: Socks Incorporated

Oh dear, I unleashed something. Posting yesterday about the intriguing project City Of Epic - the RPG that has you going outside and doing exercise - I discovered a doorway that leads to other games that involve leaving your house. The first one I've found is about sock puppets. No, really. Socks Incorporated looks every kind of mad. Take a look. In fact, play it - it's free!

This is a game in which you must make your own sock puppet. There's a video instructing you how. Once you've done that, you then take a profile picture, upload it, and the game gives you quests to complete with you and your new friend. Taking photographs or videos of yourself completing these quests, you then upload the proof and the game continues.

This is all the best kinds of insane.

Here's a video in which, obviously, a sock puppet explains it all:

Watch on YouTube

It's clearly aimed at kids, and what a really brilliant idea it is. There's also plans by the amazingly named developers, Awkward Hug, to work out ways of incorporating educational material into the project. What a fantastic primary school project this would be.

If any of our readers are willing to play this game, I will totally chronicle your adventures in a post on the site. Let us know if you're up for that.

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