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If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy.'s Worthy Of Better, Stronger Together bundle aims to raise $150,000 for reproductive rights

$10 lands you 169 games and helps reproductive and women’s charities

A new bundle of discounted indie games on is aiming to raise $150,000 towards reproductive rights and women’s charities following the US Supreme Court’s overturn of federal abortion rights last month. The Worthy Of Better, Stronger Together bundle is organised by streamer and musician Abbey ‘Scruncho’ Smith of horror game publisher Dread XP, and features 169 games. Picking up the bundle aids the National Organization For Women and the Center For Reproductive Rights in equal measure.

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There’s a selection of games, physical games, tools and books included in the bundle, which costs a minimum of $10, but you can of course choose to pay more if you wish. Some standouts are Dread XP’s horror dating sim Sucker For Love: First Date, Patsui Games’ jokey tower defender Mostly Intense Monster Defense, and Necrosoft Game’s infinite puzzle shooter Gunhouse. Quite a pleasant inclusion is Kaizen Game Works’ book collecting art from their open-world visual novel adventure Paradise Killer, with early concepts and developer commentary to boot. If you’ve got a Playdate, then there’s also the downloadable arcade fishing game Fish’n Feathers and dungeon-crawler Down The Oubliette, too, which is sweet.

You can hear about Scruncho’s motivation for organising the bundle in the video below:

Rebecca had a good time romancing eldritch beings in her Sucker For Love: First Date review back in January. “Make no mistake, Sucker For Love is a horror game pretending to be a dating sim,” she said. “If you want a one-and-done horror visual novel that knows its lore, revels in gore, and just might surprise you with a genuine sweet moment or two along the way, then there are many worse ways to spend an afternoon and a few quid.”

The Worthy Of Better, Stronger Together bundle is available on for at least $10/£8/€10 until July 15th.

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