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It's cute when GTA Online players name yachts after the man they robbed to pay for it

Gracias El Rubio

GTA Online has historically been a stingy game. Making money s largely a grind to afford better tools to grind more efficiently, with the dream of one day maybe actually buying something fancy just for funsies. That grind became a bit friendlier in December with the launch of the Cayo Perico Heist, a mission to rob the party island of drug lord Juan "El Rubio" Strickler. It's so lucrative that many players can now buying the game's novelty superyachts, and as thanks (or insult to injury?) to El Rubio, some name them in his honour. Not a huge thing, but always makes me smile.

Cayo Perico is a quick heist, and it can even be completed solo. While you won't finish one heist then suddenly be able to buy a yacht, repeating it is faster and more fun than consulting player-made spreadsheets to optimise output of in-game businesses. Which means many more players are living the high life and can splash cash on frivilous flexes like the superyacht. The least they can do is remember the guy whose money filled your wallet.

Finally I have 'em all...Gracias Mr Rubio🙌 from r/gtaonline

Though god help you if your yacht accidentally sparks a Reddit debate about redundancies in bilingual names:

He paid for it might as well name it after him! from r/gtaonline

And I appreciate the subtlety of new yacht owner "AndyRobbo93", who explained: "I've always robbed El Rubio at night."

A GTA Online yacht in a screenshot by 'AndyRobbo93'.
From "AndyRobbo93" on Reddit.

This is a cute touch. I've seen other yachts with names remembering Rubio but hey, you get the idea. A fun daft idea. Well done, criminals.

I had thought I'd hit Cayo Perico a lot myself but ugh, GTAO's endless loading time is such a drag it genuinely puts me off playing the game. I end up going for something I know will I absolutely definitely can be playing within, like, ten minutes. So it's been very curious to see one players thinks they've found a way Rockstar could massively speed it up. I'm still a touch sceptical but god, I wish it were true and Rockstar actually did.

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Disclosure: I have some pals who work at Rockstar, as I understand is a natural consequence of living in Edinburgh. They're just everywhere.

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