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It's Great When You're Tate: Game Play

Doing anything on Friday? As in, this Friday. Friday 5th. Yes, I think you are. At least if you live in London, anyway. There's a series of game-related events in London at the Tate Britain in the "Late at the Tate Britain: Game Play" event, which is a mix of social games (ala Werewolf), music, actual videogames and talks. The full program is below, but I'll selfishly highlight the panel I'm on - "Video Games: design, narrative, gameplay", where I'll be sitting alongside Charles Cecil (Broken Sword), Dave Gibbons (Watchmen) and chair Ste Curran (General Trolling of all reality, Creative Director of Zoe Mode, etc). The whole thing kicks off at 6:30, and is totally free, though you'll need to pick up tickets on a first-come-first-served basis for the talks from 6. Come!

Games confirmed as art as Tate Britain hosts gaming event

Friday, 5th March 2010 event to showcase the finer side of gaming with Late at Tate Britain: Game Play

Tuesday March 2nd 2010: Gaming culture takes over Tate Britain on March 5th 2010. From low-tech parlour games Charades and Werewolf, to performance and interactive media art with Blast Theory's Can You See Me Now? Plus talks from presenters of Resonance FM's One Life Left Ste Curran and Simon Byron, and experimental music from David Toop and Unknown Devices: Laptop Orchestra - it's all to play for.

Entry is free, and the full programme is as follows:

    Video Games

North and South Duveens

18.30 -21.30

Play a selection of video games chosen by presenters of Resonance FM's One Life Left, Ste Curran and Simon Byron, projected in the Duveen Galleries.

South Duveens terminal:

* Chime
* Rez HD
* Samurai Shodown Sen

North Duveens terminal:

* Flower
* Heavy Rain
* DJ Hero

Can You See Me Now?

Manton Foyer and around the Gallery

18.30 - 21.30

Artists' company Blast Theory has created a game happening simultaneously online and in the streets surrounding Tate Britain and Chelsea College of Art & Design. Players online and on the Manton Foyer computer terminals are chased by the Blast Theory runners, tracked by satellites on a virtual map.

    Parlour Games

Collection galleries

18.30 -21.30

Test your acting, drawing and detective skills, and get involved in some good old-fashioned parlour games in the Collection galleries.

* Room 3 - Speed Charades with Lady Evelyn Ware and Baron Lachimo Lavine
* Room 4 - Win Lose or Draw with Stephanie Jory
* Room 5 - Werewolf with Robin Clyfan

    Section of the Collection

Collection galleries

19.00 -21.30

Play a card game with fellow Late at Tate visitors: match your Section of the Collection with other players, take your completed artwork to the bar, and say the title to win a prize! Sections handed out 19.00 - 19.30.


David Toop and Unknown Devices: The Laptop Orchestra

Room 9

19.30 - 20.00 & 20.45 - 21.15

David Toop and Unknown Devices: The Laptop Orchestra explore the dynamics, technical and interpersonal demands of group collaborations, to create an improvisation using an unusual variety of instruments, noisemakers and gaming equipment.

18.30 - 19.30 & 20.00 - 20.45

Dominic Murcott composes for acoustic ensembles and electronics and is Head of Composition at Trinity College of Music. Tonight's DJ set picks crunchy gems and warped melodies from some unexpected corners of more than four decades of electronica.


Children's Games and Songs

Manton Studio

19.00 - 19.30

Andrew Burn talks about his research into Children's playground games and songs past and present, using the Opie Sound Archive Collection at the British Library, and how project partners the Institute of Education and Nintendo are revisiting the playground to develop a new game for Nintendo Wii.

Video Games: design, narrative, gameplay


19.30 - 20.30

How do game design, narrative and gameplay interact to make a successful video game? Ste Curran, game designer and Creative Director at Zoe Mode chairs a panel including, creator, writer and artist Charles Cecil, game critic Kieron Gillen and co-creator of Watchmen, Dave Gibbons.

Tickets for both talks available from the Clore Information desk at 18.00 on a first come, first served basis


Room 28


Talkaoke is the human sized talk show that you take charge of, a round table and built in broadcast system. The host in the in the middle passes the mic to whoever chooses to sit down. Tonight we discover what people think about British art and The Great British Art Debate:

* Is the idea of British art a British fantasy?
* Should art be good for you?
* Does the art of the past say anything about the world of today?
* Should the public have a say in what goes into museums?
* Is art too popular?

Laure Prouvost It, heat, hit (2010)


6 minutes on a loop

Lightbox presents It, heat, hit (2010), a new work by Laure Prouvost that constructs and propels an inferred story through a fast-moving sequence of written commentary and visual excerpts of everyday incidents and pictures.

General Information

Main pay bar in Octagon 18.30-21.30

Beer bar in Room 9 18.30-21.30

Refreshments available in the Café on Level 1 18.00-21.30

Restaurant Tasting Menu for 19.30 sitting £60 per head

Main Shop Level 2 open until 21.40

Exhibition Shop open until 21.40

Collection displays open 18.00-21.40

Half price entry to Chris Ofili and Henry Moore

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