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It's the last day to buy the Bundle For Ukraine with almost 600 indie games

Pay-what-you-want with a minimum of only $10

Last week, hundreds of indie developers came together to launch a huge bundle raising money for charities helping relief efforts following Russia's invasion of Ukraine. With a pay-what-you-want minimum of only $10, the Bundle For Ukraine offers almost 600 indie video games as well as tabletop games, comics, and more. It is ridiculously good and for a good cause. But time's almost up, and you only have a few hours left to nab it. Probably should.

The Bundle For Ukraine on Itch.io started out with a goal of $1 million, and has since blown through that and several more, most recently passing $6 million. All proceeds will be split between the International Medical Corps, providing medical aid in the region, and Voices Of Children, a Ukranian charity who provide psychological and psychosocial help for children affected by war.

The bundle has grown slightly since launch, now packing 988 items: 577 video games, 319 physical games, 51 game-making assets, 9 soundtracks, 10 tools, 22 books, and 10 comics. Everything comes as an download from Itch. Pay at least $10 and it'll all be yours.

In our first post on the bundle, I highlighted some of the games which caught my eye. These include Celeste, A Short Hike, Baba Is You, Gnog, Skatebird, Gonner, Wandersong, Minit, Cook Serve Delicious 2... loads more games you might've heard of, and even more you likely haven't. It has so much across so many genres. Many of y'all readers dropped recommendations of your own in the comments there, so do scroll down for more—and please do drop recommendations here too, if you want.

The bundle will be sold on Itch.io until 7am GMT on Friday (3am Eastern, midnight Pacific). Get it while you can.

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