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Ixnay On The Acespay Oirnay: First Space Noir Gameplay

Atmospheric dogfighting

Why is Space Noir named so? Because it's set in space, and the story's noir. But what happens when you remove the space and the noir? Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; mere anarchy is loosed upon the world; and the first gameplay trailer for N-Fusion's spaceship-y shooter arrives. The sample does exactly what it doesn't say on the tin: it's light on story so we don't get a sense of the game's noir, and goes down within a planet's atmosphere so we can't see about its space.

What we can see is five minutes of a ship pulling fancy acrobatics and blowing hordes of enemy fighters out the sky with zapbeams and lock-on missiles in arcade-y combat, if we forgive the egregious deception long enough to look.

While the game does have noir and space and all that, for this first peek the Deus Ex: The Fall devs show off a planetary mission to defend a ship depot. A spaceship depot, I'd wager, crammed full of ships ready to blast off into space and get into noir-y adventures. The big teases!

Space Noir is due to launch this summer. Here, have a look:

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