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Jackbox Party Pack 8 arriving in time to spook your Halloween party

With five silly games, including Drawful with animation

You've got a checklist for Halloween: peeled grapes (eyeballs); cold spaghetti (worms); 12-foot skeleton (skeleton); 25 metre bolt of black cotton (costume). But wait, what will people play? Friendo, you're in lucko. Jackbox Games have announced that The Jackbox Party Pack 8, their latest collection of funny party games, will launch on October 14th. It'll pack five games, from murder mystery to a new version of fan-favourite Drawful, this time having players animate their drawings.

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Jackbox have explained the Pack's five games in blog posts. Drawful: Animate expands the popular draw-o-guessing game to make two-frame looping animations based on supplied titles, and bumps the player cap up to 10 too. The Wheel Of Enormous Proportions is a trivia game where correct answers get you a larger slice of the eponymous spinning wheel, making it more likely to select you for prizes. The Poll Mine is a competitive team guessing game, where players will have to select their top three choices from categories like "Favourite Ice Cream Topping" and "Most Annoying Movie Trope" then try to guess, in various orders and rankings, what others thought. Job Job is about answering job interview questions, constructing your reponse with words from sentences written by other players. And Weapons Drawn a murder mystery drawing game, where every player is both a murderer and solving murders, having to draw items while hiding a letter from your name in your drawings. Seems a fair spread of drawing, trivia, and deduction.

The Jackbox Party Pack 8 launches October 14th for Windows, Mac, and Linux at £23.79/€24.99/$29.99, coming via Steam, Epic, and Humble. It'll also be on Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, iThings, and more. So many. See its website for everything.

We have a tradition in the RPS treehouse. When someone leaves, before we flush their limp body down the toilet send them to a farm to run and jump and play forever, we play a couple rounds of Jackbox. I'm game for new games, though something will have to be particularly good to oust Tee K.O. as the go-to game. The animation opportunities of Drawful: Animate do look tempting. What's popular in your circle, reader dear?

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