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Jailbreak: Source Flexes Its Muscles

Ah, how it's grown. Where once Jailbreak hid its light under a bushel of reused City 17 character models, now it's a bespoke, insane clash of dinosaurs and robots against cod-historical backdrops. It's just hit its 0.6 release, and the Jailbreak Team seem to be treating this as though it's the mod's first proper release. Maybe it is, and any prior memories we have of it are simply a collective hallucination, like that time when poodles took over the planet for an entire Wednesday.

If you're not familiar with it, it's based upon the olden mod staple of killed players respawning in the opposing team's jail, then either lurking around waiting for rescue, or attempting to devise their own way out and back to the front lines. Part of JBS' evolution has seen the addition of classes of a sort, each player picking a bunch of perks which give 'em specific improvements but make 'em vulnerable in the face of players armed with certain other perks. 0.6 is the biggest'n'weirdest version yet, by all accounts.

I'd dearly love to give this silly-but-complex thing a go (even though their official website does that stupid, counter-productive thing where it forbids me from saving screenshots, thereby half-convincing me not to bother pimping their game for them. RAGE), but alas I'm stymied by the Victorian speeds of my new home's broadband. Oh, when it gets upgraded I'll show you. I'LL SHOW YOU ALL.

Grab the 400 Mb mod from here, or regardez-vous the trailer below:

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