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Elitist Open World: Jameson The Pilot

Top-down tribbles

Published by 11 Bit Studios (Anomaly, This War Of Mine) and created by 'a mysterious one-man dev team', Jameson The Pilot is Elite, except you'll be looking at the life of your spacefarer from a bird's eye view. Except the term 'bird's eye view' doesn't really make sense in space. Obviously, I'd love to see a flock of pigeons trying to guide themselves through the cosmos, or just a single vulture, but they wouldn't be the best place to hang your camera. Jameson is a top-down space sim, in which the player can take on all manner of roles, from pirate to space-bus driver. I hope that the world is at least as robustly simulated as that in the glorious Space Rangers 2. Trailer below.

Just as the abstraction of visuals in a game like Dwarf Fortress allows for a wide range of interpretation and complexity, Jameson's pixel style might well allow for all manner of variety and imaginative leaps. That's the hope anyway.

Mine minerals, trade goods, transport passengers, ambush tradesmen, hunt outlaws, join guilds of traders, soldiers or merciless pirates and pilot different ships from tiny unarmed transporters to huge armed-to-the-teeth space destroyers…

…or leave everything behind and explore the diverse pixel universe! And when traveling light years away, prepare to meet beings and see things you only knew from science fiction and fantasy stories…

And, yes, the name is very cheeky.

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