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Jane Jensen's Moebius Finally Trailerised

Jane "Gabriel Knight" Jensen's Moebius has a trailer that's worth a watch for jonesing point-n-clickers. Looking pleasingly modern, yet obviously still a traditional adventure, it's partly the work of Phoenix Studios - they who as a group of amateurs from around the world brought the King's Quest series back to life. Now pro and working with Jensen's Pinkerton Studios, there's good reason to have hope for this one.

This is off the back of Jensen's peculiar Kickstarter, which promised to make... games. It was successfully funded despite its ambiguous pledges, and just over a year on we're seeing some of the fruits. I saw most of this trailer on a laptop back in March, so presumably they're much farther on that we're seeing here.

Cover image for YouTube video

There's still no useful word on a release date, other than "2013", and there hasn't been a public update on the Kickstarter this year - nor indeed a private one since May. However, there should be a demo by the end of this month.

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