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Jeff Goldbrick: Lego Jurassic World

Buh-nuh nuh-nuh-nuh

Don't let the name fool you. Lego Jurassic World [official site] may be tied to the similarly titled Big Summer Sequel for marketing purposes, but it covers the previous films in the Jurassic series as well. That means Lego Attenborough, Lego Laura Dern, Lego Sam Neill and Lego Annoying Kids. It also means Lego Goldblum. There will also be dinosaurs, as the trailer below demonstrates.

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I think the Lego games always work better when they have a framework to follow - part of the fun is in seeing familiar scenes recreated in slapstick fashion. They're also rare in the field of licensed properties because they can get away with light mockery of the source material. The T. Rex's trip to the mainland should make for a decent series of sight gags.

Returning to the cast for a moment, I did a quick think about which of their films I'd most like to see in Lego form. For Attenborough, I'll go with Brighton Rock, for Dern it'll be Inland Empire, for Neill it's got to be Event Horizon, andfor Goldblum it's either The Fly or Grand Budapest Hotel. Because Lego Grand Budapest Hotel would look astonishing. In fact, I want a box of Lego with instructions to create sets from the film right now.

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