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Jinkies! MDK 2 HD Trailer

Oh man, the HD re-release of MDK 2 is almost upon us. It's coming out on Beamdog tomorrow for $15 and the trailer is hiding over the hills and out of range beyond the jump.

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MDK 2 was part of the minor explosion in mad third person shooters towards the end of the 90s. There seemed to be one every month: MDK, Project Nomads, Evolva, Giants: Citizen Kabuto, Sacifice, Oni, Heavy Metal: FAKK 2, Messiah. An arms race on who can invent the most unique mechanic and imaginative world to set it in. I mean, BioWare made MDK 2, taking the reins of the series from Shiny. BioWare! Can you imagine Commander Shepard fighting alongside a cigar chomping six-armed robot dog and a mad scientist armed with a nuclear powered toaster? It'd make the romance options profoundly more interesting at least.

It's great to see MDK 2 back in this HD form. The funny thing about HD remakes is that they manage to make the games look like the memories I have of them. Nobody remembers jagged texture edges and flat polygons. I've gone back and had a look at some original MDK footage after watching this trailer and something's wrong with history if MDK ever looked like that. No, it's always looked like that trailer, hasn't it?

After all, we get revamped blu-ray re-releases of old films and tv shows. And unless it's George Lucas, the higher quality print is never a disappointment. Rather, it's how we remember these stories as opposed to how they actually were. We don't remember blurry faces and off-black shadows, we remember fidelity and substance. Re-releases of old games are giving our childhood back to us, without the twinge of remembering just how long it's been.

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