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Job Simulator: A Peek At One Of SteamVR's First Games

Career fair

"There were once places beyond reach," explains the chap hired to provide grandiose gravelly vocals on the overblown launch video for Valve's virtual reality system, Vive.

"Sights unseen," he adds as some guy dramatically takes an entire cosmic dustcloud to the face. "They called to us and let us hear. A world within ours - wild and without end. Welcome to a new reality."

That new reality involves a slightly farty-sounding bottle of hot sauce being shaken over a virtual reality steak.

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Job Simulator by Owlchemy Labs is one of the first games to be announced for Vive and the developers will be showcasing their title at the Valve GDC booth.

The game is set in 2050, in a world where robots now do all the menial blue-collar work. What Job Simulator does is it teaches the privileged humans of the near future what it was like to even have a job by letting them "re-live what life was like in the pre-automated era".

Obviously we're waiting for Graham and John to tell us all about their own experiences with Vive and whether operating the RPS news bellows is on the list of careers headed for extinction by the mid 21st century.

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