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John Carpenter says he's not directing a Dead Space movie - but someone is

The Halloween director seems up for playing the remake, too

Horror movie maestro John Carpenter has ‘fessed up that he’s not directing a movie version of Dead Space, but suggests there’s another director attached to a possible big-screen adaptation. Talking to Variety about his career ahead of his 75th birthday, Carpenter was asked about rumours he could be helming a non-interactive take on Dead Space. Considering Carpenter hasn’t made a film in 13 years it does seem a bit of a wild idea, but then the director is both a horror auteur and video game fan.

Cover image for YouTube videoDead Space Official Launch Trailer | Humanity Ends Here
EA Motive's Dead Space remake floats onto PC on January 27th.

“I was down looking at the new digital cameras, the RED, and happened to mention to them that I would love to do a ‘Dead Space’ film,” Carpenter explained. “That just went around, and everybody said, ‘Oh, when are you gonna do it?’ I’m not gonna do it. I think they already have another director involved. And they haven’t asked me to do it.” Carpenter didn’t go into details about who the director might be, if he even knew. He’s keen to play EA Motive’s upcoming Dead Space remake though, saying “I’m there.”

There was a Dead Space movie project kicking around Hollywood more than a decade ago. Just a year after the original game was released in 2008, Disturbia director DJ Caruso was attached and the movie in its very early stages. A few months before Dead Space 2 launched, Caruso said that the concept behind his take on sci-fi horror series was “almost a prequel” to the first game. Caruso still hasn’t made a Dead Space movie, but did manage to squeeze I Am Number Four and XXX: Return Of Xander Cage in during the 2010s. I know what I’d rather watch.

The Dead Space remake launches on Steam and the Epic Games Store on January 27th for £50/$60/€60. I wouldn’t put any money down on the movie happening just yet.

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