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How Much Is That Dogi In The Window: Judo

Tense, two-player Nidhogg style fights

A childhood spent playing IK+ and an adulthood spent playing Nidhogg and games like it means that the overlapping circles in the Judo venn diagram is labelled "Graham". That's Judo not as in the modern martial art, but as the four-player indie fighting game on Steam Greenlight.

It's a simple fighting game with just two moves: roll and throw. Does that have the same nuanced potential as Nidhogg's similarly tight moveset, or is it merely limited? I don't know, but the trailer looks sweet - mixing tense two-player fights with simply rendered scenes from the game's single-player story, in which you earn new dogi - coloured uniforms - for winning fights. I have to explain this here because otherwise the headline might not make sense.

Here's the trailer:

Watch on YouTube

There's no word on a release date yet (the Greenlight page projects "June 2014", which, yeah), but the game's site mentions a Kickstarter that's coming soon. I hope that includes a demo so that people can try out the brawling themselves, given that it was made playable at PAX Prime late last year. If so, it'll cost $5 to get the game through backing, with a planned release price of $10.

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