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Local Multiplayer Platforming Coming In Jump Stars

A dangerous game show

Looking for a fun competitive game to take home to the family at Christmas? Mate, DEVIL DAGGERS. Test grandma's twitch reflexes, give your nephew new nightmares, and see how competitive everyone gets once your cousin breaks out the brandy. Or, y'know, I suppose Jump Stars [official site] might work too.

The platforming party game will launch in December, publishers Curve Digital announced today. It's a TV game show-style doodad with competitive and cooperative local multiplayer minigames based around jumping and punching, and it looks like it might be a lark. See:

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You're on a TV show run by a tetchy hostbot, see, taking part in different challenges. Jump Stars has ten of 'em, which can be competitive or cooperative. Maybe you'll be fleeing through an obstacle course chased by a laser grid, stacking up on each other to pass gates, dodging mashers dropping from the ceiling, leaping over a rotating arm, or playing hot potato with TNT. Like Wipeout but the cameras never stop rolling.

It looks like it could be fun? It doesn't have the intricacy of your Samurai Gunns and your TowerFalls, sure, but a rotating lineup of minigames can make for good times.

Made by Jamit Games, Jump Stars is coming some time this December. If you're at EGX Rezzed this weekend, hey, so is Jump Stars.

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