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Junk Rock: Scraps

You must watch the trailer for Bill Borman's Scraps immediately, just to hear the music. It wins a million points for being '2013's Trailer Music Most Far Removed From Dubstep', an award category that I'll keep an eye on throughout the rest of the year. As for the game, it'll look familiar to anyone who has played Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts. It looks like a vehicular combat game but it's also something far more important and the final scene in the video sums it up perfectly. Scraps is a stage on which to act out physics-based farce. This looks jolly good and there's an early version of the vehicle builder available right now.

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Logic dictates that wheeled warriors should be symmetrical and finely balanced. Comedic sensibilities dictate that they should be towering, teetering unicycles with twenty rocket launchers attached to their flanks.

Scraps is on Steam Greenlight's concept section where you can provide feedback and support. I just found an email from Bill in which he informs me that parts that have been blown off enemy vehicles can be scavenged. This makes me extremely happy.

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