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Jurassic World Evolution shows off napping dinosaurs and an angry Tyrannosaurus

Life finds a way

I enjoyed Jurassic World. There, I said it. Apparently I have bad taste, but gosh, I’m a sucker for anything involving dino shenanigans and Chris Pratt. If I had better taste, I’m still pretty certain I’d be looking forward to Jurassic World Evolution [official site], however. Frontier showed off the park management game at their Frontier Expo, letting us watch dinosaurs just hanging out.

You can check out the trailer below, and while it doesn’t show off much, Frontier devs were on hand to explain what you’ll actually do in the game, from picking different development paths to managing disasters inspired by the films.

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Jurassic World Evolution will contain five tropical islands, meaning plenty of opportunities to start fresh and experiment with different types of park. See, while you’ll ostensibly be trying to attract guests, keep them safe and bioengineer different dinosaurs, there are multiple ways to create a successful park, split into three paths: entertainment, security and science.

So you can build a park that’s all about showing guests a great time, but you can also focus on studying the dinosaurs and tweaking their genomes, or making fierce, dangerous dinos and then making sure they don’t eat all the tourists. It will also be possible to balance all three to try and create the perfect tourist trap.

These paths also compete with each other through experts that demand more money, resources and attention, so you’ll need to make choices based on not just their advice, but also how you want your park to develop. And then there are disasters to contend with, running the gamut from devastating tropical storms and dinosaur attacks.

The small amount we’ve seen is pretty striking, and looks uncannily like the movies. There’s a reason for that: Universal gave models to Frontier that the artists and animators have transposed to the game.

Jurassic World Evolution is due in summer 2018.

You can watch Frontier breaking down the game at the Frontier Expo below.

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