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Just Cause developers announce co-op smuggling game Contraband

Set in a 1970s "smuggler's paradise"

Avalanche Studios, the makers of Just Cause, have announced their next game is about smuggling in the 1970s. Contraband is an open world co-op game that invites players to a "smuggler's paradise". I hope there are heists. Catch the trailer below, it features a delightful bit of music by Steely Dan, as a camera sweeps across what appears to be a smuggler's hideout.

"In Contraband, players will take on the roles of smugglers exploring the fictional Southeast Asian world of 1970s Bayan," the devs say.

Watch on YouTube

In the trailer we see some sweeping shots of smuggling prep, complete with maps and a picture of an ornate locked box with some annotation that says: "FIRE PROOF SAFE." Some serious heist-planning seems to be happening here.

But what's this? As the camera continues to pan around, it's revealed the smugglers already have the safe! It's cracked open to reveal that inside there are some big shiny silver letters that say "Contraband". Perhaps the real loot was the memories we made along the way.

Contraband will be coming to Steam, Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Consoles. It's early days though, so it doesn't have a release date just yet.

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