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Just SWAT The Doctor Ordered: Intruder

It's just a scooch over a year since RPS first peeked into the indie tactical shooter, Intruder. It looked good enough to hang around the back of my brain, insistently waiting for me to remember to check it out again. And today I did. Intruder looks like the sort of game that you'd make if you loved tactical shooters, but don't care about major cities or worry about dramatic plot twists. Just a couple of teams in a confined space with a lot of guns and gadgets.

I love watching work-in-progress videos from developers who value the game's capabilities over everything else. So you'll see a bunch of neat features in these next few videos, but with floating players that look like they've been frozen and then partially defrosted. It is alpha. It is expected.

The laser sensor looks like the toy of properly sneaky players. It sticks to almost any solid surface and beeps you when someone passes. It can be placed on walls and doorways, but more importantly it can be really hidden in dark corners and under desks, which is important because the other team can disable it if they see it. Combine it with a remote bomb and you have a particularly evil set-up.

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At the end of the video they mention working on lock-picking, which they managed to get working for the following video. It's slow and terrifying. You'll also see how homely they've made the level: it's no longer an empty showroom. It now feels like a posh person's minimalist dream house. Handily the modern sofa is the perfect size for a man to crouch behind. The firefight at the end of this video, lit by the flashes of the guns, has pretty much sold me. I want this. I miss SWAT 4.

Cover image for YouTube video

There is no release date, but you should tell them on Twitter if you're excited about it. Maybe they'll ask us all us to play?

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