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Just Watch: Next Car Game's Incredible Physics

Curiously crunchable cars

Bugbear, the makers of the glorious FlatOut, recently announced a crowd-funded car crashing game, intermediately titled Next Car Game. To help tempt you with those papery things in your wallet, they've released a video detailing the destruction engine that the game will have. You should watch it, and make sure your hands are free so you can give it a round of applause. It's beautiful.

Bugbear clearly loves and hates vehicles. They've put a full Clarkson of detail into their crunchable cars, but also added soft-body deformation. They say with glee: "What that means is that when you hit a car with something or the other way around, the car is going to have the right sized and shaped dent exactly where it was damaged." Which is what the video initially displays by dropping a car down a giant pachinko-esque wall. But then they get cruel. If you have any young cars, or cars of a nervous disposition, please put them in a quiet garage before you play this video. Because when Bugbear adds: "Because we can push cars through industrial grade metal presses, we certainly will," the result is brutal.

Watch on YouTube

That was brilliant. I really want that grinder in a game mode. Or perhaps at the end of a race, the winner could be given the power to do that to any of the losers?

The game is begging for votes on Greenlight, and I've just gave it a thumbs-up. And speaking of Steam, Bugbear just recently released Ridge Racer: Driftopia, which is free-to-play and on Steam right now.

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