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JustGiving launch new tools to support gaming fundraisers

They're "leveling up"

Fundraising platform JustGiving is rolling out a new suite of tools to make it easier for people to organise gaming and streaming based charity campaigns, they’ve announced today. The new Gaming for Social Good hub provides how-tos, stream overlays, and other aids for those who want to raise money. And if you're more of a watcher than a streamer, there are multiple ways to browse ongoing or upcoming events that you might want to give your cash to, instead.

Their website's top tips, which include things like “gamers love to win prizes so consider if you can offer a virtual trophy or other prize for the top player,” may seem a little stilted for those who have seen the wide world of streaming fundraisers before, whether it be Games Done Quick or trans rights Donkey Kong. Still, information like how to set up a stream or enable an overlay so that viewers can donate easily do make this as accessible as possible for those who haven't done it before, which can only be a good thing.

On the other hand, JustGiving does take a cut of all donations, meaning it’s better to go directly to the cause you want to support where possible.

Four charities have already signed up as part of the initiative: Special Effect, War Child UK, the National Autistic Society and Alzheimer's Research UK.

Those who want to try it out have a great opportunity this weekend, because it's 2019’s GameBlast. This annual Twitch-based event raises money for Special Effect, who enable children with disabilities to enjoy games through modified technology.

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