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Kerbal Space Program 2 is coming with official multiplayer


A sequel is coming for silly-yet-serious space build-o-exploration sim Kerbal Space Program. Blasting off next year, Kerbal Space Program 2 will add fancy and far-flung features including interstellar travel, space colonies, and official multiplayer support. This announcement seemed sudden to me until I remembered that the first game officially left early access in 2015. Four years ago! Goodness me. Come watch the sequel's announcement trailer below.

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That's not in-game, of course, but it does show a few things to expect. We'll get to build colonies on celestial bodies, growing them to harvest resources, house people, and serve as stepping stones building ships to send us deeper into space. Or into other solar systems, thanks to fancy new high-tech ship parts. Hell, bring a friend.

Modders have bashed multiplayer into KSP before, but I'd expect (or hope?) that official and supported multiplayer will be better. Easier to get your non-techy pals playing, at least.

It sounds like they're trying to make KSP2 a little friendlier too, talking about "new animated tutorials", an "improved UI", and "fully revamped assembly and flight instructions." So at least newcomers will likely have a better idea of why their ships crash and explode?

I am a little surprised, but quite pleased, to hear that mod support is still planned for KSP2. I half-expected any future Kerbal to cut mods and focus on paid expansions, given that Take-Two own the series these days.

See KSP2's site for more.

The sequel is being made by Star Theory, who made Monday Night Combat under their previous name of Uber Entertainment. Kerbal creators Squad are lending "support" too. Here are some of the Star Theory gang gabbing about making KSP2, and a few Squaddies too:

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Kerbal Space Program 2 is being published by Private Division, the 'indie label'-ish arm of Take-Two Interactive. The launch is slated for spring 2020, with a £45 price tag.

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