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Stare into the Mun's lovely craters in this Kerbal Space Program 2 footage

It makes quite an impact

This is delightful. Most games struggle through the tangled thorns of PR, marketing, and that one dude who spots errors from seven miles away, before getting a single screenshot to you. But this little glimpse into Kerbal Space Program 2’s progress is via their show and tell sessions on the official forums, where the team gathers up what they’ve been working on and shares it with the community. In April and May, the clouds got fluffier, the terrain more specular, and the Mun really embraced its impact craters.

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There’s not a lot here, but what there is has made me very happy. I’ve officially given up trying to mod Kerbal Space Program after watching the work being put into the skies and terrain for the second game. I’ll happily wait to split these clouds with my best attempt at a rocket.

The Mun really caught my eye. It’s gorgeous. Every shade of grey imaginable, covered in overlapping impact craters, shadows piling up in every scoop of dirt. I'm going to spend weeks admiring it as I work out how to get there without sacrificing my grinning little Kerbalnauts.

Watch on YouTube

Last week was the tenth anniversary of the first game’s launch. How odd is that? Even with the sequel on the way, I’ve never thought of KSP as anything other than an early access game. It feels like it’s constantly changing and upgrading, which is sort of the case, both officially and unofficially (so many mods). With the sequel scheduled for 2022, I might finally consider the first game to be finished.

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