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Kerbal Space Program creator is relaunching his physics sandbox followup with a new name

Balsa Model Flight Sim is now Kitbash Model Club

Balsa Model Flight Simulator launched into Steam Early Access last year, to positive reviews and few sales. It is, like its developer's previous game Kerbal Space Program, about building a machine designed to fly, crashing it back to earth, then constructing something better.

Now its developer has announced they're doing something similar with the game itself. Balsa Model Flight Sim will relaunch later this year with a new name, Kitbash Model Club, a more ambitious physics construction sandbox, and a plan to release as a complete game rather than into early access. Existing owners of Balsa Model Flight Simulator will get Kitbash Model Club for free.

Here's a trailer for the new game:

As the name suggests, Balsa Model Flight Simulator only let you build planes, whereas Kitbash Model Club broadens the concept to also support the construction of boats and cars. That means it has vastly more parts to use when building vehicles that BMFS did, and a much larger map that stretches from a "cityscape to beaches, fields and highways."

Much of its other features sound familiar from the earlier release of the game, including Steam Workshop support, a career mode, paintball combat, and a scenario editor. At the time of writing, Balsa Model Flight Simulator still has a store page on Steam but is no longer available for purchase. Kitbash Model Club can be wishlisted on Steam and is due for release sometime this year.

We spoke to creator Felipe Falanghe about Balsa Wood's original launch back in 2021.

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