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Winter Is Coming Next Week: Sean Bean Narrates Kholat

Spooky ooky

Alex has pitched Kholat [official site] to me as "looks alright, has Sean Bean in it." So naturally, moved by his booming recommendation I've slipped on my Sharpe #1 Fan jumper to take a look.

And O! It takes me back to those dark nights in Canada reading through Wikipedia's strangest entries. Have you heard of the Dyatlov Pass Incident? The event saw the mysterious deaths of nine hikers in the Northern Ural Mountains in 1959. Kholat, then, sees you explore Dyatlov Pass to work out how and why those deaths occured.

Over the course of around five hours, the player teases out answers by exploring a really moody-looking, atmospheric Russian mountain.

And now it has a release date: June 9th.

"Kholat is an exploration adventure game with elements of horror, inspired by true event known as Dyatlov Pass incident – mysterious death of nine Russian hikers, that led to countless, unconfirmed hypotheses," say IMGN.PRO in a statement released alongside a new release trailer. "Player will dive directly into boundless scenery of inhospitable Ural Mountains, with task to find out what really happened. In the course of events you may approach even more question marks."

But most important of all is the game is narrated by Sean Bean, of House Stark. Watch the video below for those dulcet Northern tones:

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