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Pow! The King of Fighters XIV hits PC

Another one bites the dust

A sage said long ago, "3D comes for all men." We didn't understand because we didn't have computers, geometry, or numbers back then, but now it's clear they were foretelling the conversion of 2D video games into 3D. Fighting game series The King of Fighters tried to escape its fate by clinging to 2D when its rivals when 3D but ah, you can't run from things sages said long ago. So now The King of Fighters XIV [official site] has ditched sprites for 3D fightfolks and arrived on PC. Have a look:

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Like other 2D series which have gone 3D, the action is still on a side-scrolling plane. Only now 3Dness means it can have dramatic camera angles during mega-special moves. Pow! It's not the prettiest transition to 3D, certainly behind Street Fighter pr Guilty Gear, and is a bit of a shame considering past KoFs have had some beautiful spritework. Still, here we are, onwards and upwards for the next 14.

The King of Fighters XIV Steam Edition is out on Steam, obvs, with a 20% launch discount bringing it down to £35.99/43,99€/$47.99 until next Thursday. The console release was in August 2016 so hey, we're slowly catching up with the series.

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