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King Of Fighters XV announces new character Omega Rugal, and Boss Challenge game mode

They're both free!

SNK have announced that the latest playable character coming to King Of Fighters XV is Omega Rugal. He’s the in-universe organiser of the King Of Fighters tournament, but he’s arguably more infamous for being in older KOF games as a ridiculously difficult boss. You can expect him to show up on April 14th as free DLC, along with a game mode called Boss Challenge. Love a bit of free DLC.

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While KOF isn’t my personal go-to fighting game, it’s hard to deny how effortlessly cool Omega Rugal looks. And although they’ve had to nerf Omega Rugal to balance him, his overpowered boss form is also getting added separately. In a tweet posted by SNK, they explain that the Boss Challenge mode requires you to “take down the fearsome OMEGA RUGAL CPU.” That’s right KOF fans, the pleasure of bashing your head against an Omega Rugal boss fight is now available in the comfort of your own home!

The trailer calls him “the CPU from hell,” before cutting to a montage of Omega Rugal spamming his Genocide Cutter move on random opponents. The only reason I know it's called that is because he says it everytime. Oh, and then after that, he also casually calls you pathetic. SNK know exactly what they’re doing. And plus, if you somehow actually beat the Omega Rugal CPU, you can get your hands on some extra stuff, "like his special costume, a new stage, and new music!” It seems a bit strange to make a new game mode entirely for one character, so maybe we'll see some other opponents get added eventually.

Earlier this week, on March 17th, SNK released three other characters for KOF XV, as part of their Team GAROU paid DLC. At the time, SNK also mentioned that they plan on doing some balance changes in May, so it’ll be interesting to see where Omega Rugal lands in the meta.

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