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King Of Xong

This is tricksie, but I think you may find Xong interesting. It's basically a cross between Arkanoid and Rogue. Which is a bit of a cheat, but hits the key "bouncing projectiles to remove blocks" and "randomised levels" aspects of the game. Basically, the game's aim is for you to i) kill all the baddies by dropping direction-guide-things in the path of the baddies to lead them down the black hole ii) change your puck into the correct colour to bounce at the key-lock-monster-centipede who is wandering around while not iii) dying or losing your last puck or similar. It's genuinely quite abstract in that reprocessed early-80s-through-90s-filter way, and takes some getting used to, but it's good to see people following Spelunky down its particular hole. For more have a nose at the Play This Thing review. You can pick it up for PC and the other two PCs here and there's a remix compo going over at the developer's site. Also worth popping along to the site to see the developer roll his eyes at people describing the graphics as ASCII or ANSI. I'll describe the graphics as shit. Quote that one, eh?

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