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Kirri-Kirri-Kirri: Auditorium

When I wrote about QWOP's inspired silliness, between the giggling at inexpert thigh-control a lovely reader got a tad uppity that I'd linked to it rather than Auditorium. Because being beautiful, atmospheric and pristine means something is more worthy of attention or something. There's a name we have for people like you: "Edge reader". By which we mean "Not entirely wrong". Because Auditorium is beautiful, atmospheric and pristine and well worth hailing.

So we will.

In fact, Auditorium has been plugged by a steady stream of readers for a while now - hello, the lot of you, lovely people - and understandably. The bastard child of Electroplankton, Newton fucking around with some prisms and (er) something beautiful and pristine, Auditorium is about using a series of reflective objects to guide stream of light into Volume-metres. If you do so, the meters fill and the appropriate bit of music plays. Get all the metres playing at once and the full music plays, but the real atmospheric kick is how as you puzzle around the problem of getting all the beams hitting all the meters, you get the sections of music fading in and out.

The puzzles - which are very much problems rather than puzzles, if you see the difference - soon elaborate, requiring you to pass the stream through a areas to change it to the correct colour to activate certain metres, and your other abilities - being able to change the size of an area of effect around one of your re-direction devices - becomes paramount. And if all goes wrong, it's still beautiful, pristine and atmos... oh, you get the idea.

Bonus marks that the game's able to go full screen too. Definitely worth spending your lunch-hour on. I'm terrible at it. Auditorium, that is. Not lunch. I'm KING LUNCH.

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