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Kitaria Fables, action RPG Stardew with cats, is out now

Or Rune Factory with cats, I GUESS

Yes, Kitaria Fables might better be described as "Rune Factory with cats", but let's make the useful comparison to the game most folks have heard of. Kitaria Fables is a game in which you, a cat, biff monsters in classless combat to gather resources, and then spend time planting crops and chatting to NPCs at home. It's out now.

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The wildlife around Paw Village has become angry and violent, and so you have been summoned to investigate and defend your citizens. Luckily your uncle lives in Paw Village and his home becomes your base.

The combat is real-time and combo-driven, but you'll grow stronger by first growing crops. Enemies drop ingredients and seeds that you can plant, and your crops become provisions and materials that allow you to craft "more powerful weapons, armour and accessories," according to its Steam page.

Kitaria's pastoral landscapes and camera angle do strongly bring Rune Factory to mind. The Japanese RPG series is a spin-off from classic farming game Harvest Moon, and much like Kataria Fables, Rune Factory pairs growing crops with defeating (and befriending) monsters in dungeons.

But while Rune Factory 5 came out earlier this year in Japan, a worldwide release is not planned until sometime in 2022 - and then only on Switch. If you can't wait that long and want a similar game on PC, perhaps Kitaria Fables will satisfy. There's a demo available from Steam now, and the full game costs £17/€20/$16.

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