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Knives Are Daggerous (Geddit?)

Nothing inspires confidence like a politician making a declaration about the content of videogames.

It appears the latest reason to namedrop children's most dangerous pastime is their incorrigible habit of containing knives, according to our Dear Leader. PM Gordon Brown has declared that as part of his total ban on carrying knives, he wants to see blades disappearing from games too. He explained to The Sun,

"I am very worried about video and computer games. No one wants censorship or an interfering State. But the industry has some responsibility to society and needs to exercise that."

It's an interesting logic. I'm fairly sure that bazookas, semi-automatic rifles and Land Shark Guns are all reasonably illegal in boring old real life, but they are being allowed to feature in games unhindered. However, the contents of everyone's kitchen drawers have got to go.

It is of course a reaction to the tragic series of stabbings that featured heavily in the UK news over the last couple of months. Banning people from carrying knives around with them would seem, and maybe I'm overstepping my editorial privileges here, fairly reasonable. But just once, could someone citing videogames at least know one to reference in relation to their issue?

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