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Konami have announced a PvP mystery game about an AI Sherlock Holmes

Deduce which of your fellow travelers is secretly Moriarity's puppet

Konami have announced that they're cooking up a social deduction game with an extra helping of deductive reasoning. Their PvP mystery game Crimesight is a simulated battle bewteen AI Sherlock Holmes and Moriarity, played out by their pawns all snowed in together in a rather large cottage. This turn-based strategy game has you attempting to unmask Moriarity's chosen puppet without knowing who it is they're trying to kill. Konami have given some clues on how it plays down here in Crimesight's reveal trailer.

Crimesight takes place in 2027, when violent crime has nearly been eradicated thanks to an AI that predicts them before they happen. When the AI predicts a series of crimes that can't be prevented, its engineers make a better AI called Sherlock to out-deduce baddie AI Moriarity who's at the center of it all. You're not quite playing as Sherlock or Moriarity, mind. You're one of these simulated unlucky travelers all snowed in together in a cottage. The new trailer here shows some of the PvP action.

Cover image for YouTube videoCRIMESIGHT Trailer

Konami refer to Crimesight as "tabletop strategy" up there in the trailer. Given that it's turn-based, Crimesight seems closer to something like Clue than Among Us, in case you've been playing other social deduction romps lately.

Rather than attempting a total murder spree, the player selected as the villain has one particular target they're meant to kill, while all the other players are attempting to prevent it without knowing who either the victim or the villain are. In order to win, the villain needs to have a weapon in their posession and be alone in the same room and area as the selected victim. The Sherlock side players need to keep the target alive for four game days while they wait for help to arrive, attempting to unmask the unknown killer all the while.

Konami are running a closed beta for Crimesight from today through July 11th. You can enter yourself to join in by jumping through a couple social media hoops outlined on Crimesight's page.

Konami haven't revealed a release date for Crimesight yet, but you can keep an eye on it over on Steam.

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