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Krautscape Races Out Of Early Access

Bypass the flyover

After nearly two years, having stayed a touch longer than first planned, Krautscape [official site] has now driven off from Early Access and has reached its full release destination. Haven't heard of it? Well, Krautscape is a racing game that operates flying cars and asks players to actively build courses as they go. To mark its release, it's also launched a fairly substantial update.

In the event that airborne vehicles and the practice of engineering racetracks on the fly has you flummoxed, let's explore Krautscape a little deeper:  it's a competitive multiplayer racing game where the leading player builds the course a section at a time. While you're hard at work carving said course, though, chasing players are able to steer off the track and glide and soar to different locations as a means of poking their noses in front. In theory, it's a bit like a three-dimensional version of Pipe Mania, where you control the direction of the liquid and the next piece of piping that prevents the over spill. And, um, there's also other players who're able to fly off the track and glide and... yeah, maybe I haven't thought this analogy through.

Perhaps this trailer can better demonstrate how it plays out:

The latest update, number 4.2.0, brings with it a number of improvements - most crucially a fix for wheel animation glitches and tweaks to the game's driving physics - and full patch notes can be located this-a-way. Interestingly, Krautscape in its full release state costs £5.59, the same price it went for during its stint in Early Access. If you're interested, it can be got right now for £4.47, a temporary discount that runs until March 2.

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