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Last Man Kicking makes office football interesting & free

He shoots, and he scores!

I'll be the first to admit that football is not my thing. The World Cup? Baffling, honestly. Rocket League managed to make the concept of punting a ball into a net more enticing by adding jet-boosted RC cars to the mix, but I think Last Man Kicking might be what the doctor ordered today. A 2v2 office kickaround may not sound too interesting, but when everyone's glued to their office chairs and only able to move via the recoil of their pump-action shotguns, you've got a good time. Plus, it's free to grab on for today.

Last Man Kicking is a short-form spinoff of the upcoming Last Man Sitting, which is yet another Battle Royale shooter, but similarly improved by the combination of the office setting, mandatory swivel-chairs and shotgun-powered movement. Really, just about anything dull can be improved by adding a few pointedly daft new elements. It's hard to care about football or tennis when the virtual world offers me full contact mixed martial arts frisbee hockey.

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While you can play it against bots, you'll probably get the most fun out of Last Man Kicking if you manage to rope in up to three friends and gamepads. There's admittedly not too much life in this one - it's absolute chaos for the most part, with players as likely to hit the ball with their gun as they are to propel themselves into it with their own chair-bound body. So, what are your favourite ridiculous videogame sports of choice? It's been ages since we've had a real Speedball to call our own, so what classic do you find yourself returning to when friends and beers are on hand?

Last Man Kicking is free today via, and will be going back up to the (very reasonable) price of $2 tomorrow. You can wishlist its big brother - Last Man Sitting - here on Steam.

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