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Last Night: When The Bomb Goes Off

This maudlin wee thing has amused me highly. When The Bomb Goes Off is a cartoon dose of apocalyptic giggles, accompanied by a silent movie-style piano-noodling soundtrack. The world is going to end (via atomic explosion) in 5 seconds - within that oh-so-short time, you must complete an array of unnamed characters' final acts. Catching a football, jumping off a building, kissing the one they love, making it to class on time, turning the shower off, saving a dog from being run over, jumping to the moon... Essentially, it's Wario Ware: Armageddon Edition.

Alternatively, it's a late adaptation of Canadian movie Last Night, which chronicled the final hours and decisions of a series of splintered characters facing the sure knowledge that humanity was about to be wiped out.

The controls are simple, but strangely, charmingly different from vignette to vignette. The only instruction is this: "When the bomb goes off, everybody's got one last thing to do before they go. Use the arrow keys to make sure these things get done." Some of the micro-games are tragic, some are very funny, but there's certainly absolute futility to each and every one - the world's still going belly-up either way. The only sign you've succeeded or failed is that the inevitable image of nuclear death is either green or red. In other words, there's no-one left to care if you did it right - except you.

Embrace finality here.

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