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Last Stop is the new game from the makers of Virginia

Something spooky's going on in London

Variable State, the studio being the striking vignette 'em up Virginia, today announced their next game. Last Stop is a supernatural mystery in present-day London with three playable characters who get tangled in the same quite strange and awful spookening, and I'm well up for it. While Virginia had no dialogue (to excellent effect), this one's a proper chatty one with voice acting and all, and the English voices combined with everyday sci-fi shenanigans mean I'm already unfairly thinking of Doctor Who. Look, watch the trailer and draw your own connections.

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Bit of snooping? Bit of sneaking? Bit of English sci-fi? That'll do nicely, ta. And in contrast to the mute Virginia, Last Stop will have chat coming out its jacksy, full of chat with choices t'boot.

Last Stop is due some time in 2020, published by Annapurna Interactive. For more, look to its website.

If you've not played Virginia, I do recommend it. People will compare it to Twin Peaks and The X-Files but those are just notes; it's way more interesting for how it constructs a TV feel through camera cuts and the score without a line of dialogue. See our Virginia review and Alice B's recent Have You Played for more on that.

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