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Last Tide is battle royale with sharks, out now in early access

Bitelle royale

What a fool! While I was having a disappointing time battling royale with dogs nipping at my ankles in Fear The Wolves, I could've been chumming the waters to draw sharks to bite off my foes' toes in Last Tide. Formerly known as King Tide, the undersea battle royale FPS from the studio behind Depth entered early access on Monday and I'm still pleased by their commitment to sharks. Yeah, sure, you and 99 other divers swim around aquatic bases gathering loot and murdering each other and that's all familiar but also: SHARKS! Depth's divers vs. sharks deathmatch was a lark so ah, I wish I'd tried this instead.

100 people spawn in the same vehicle at the start of rounds, if you can imagine such a thing, only here they launch into the air diddy submarine tubes then can prlllrlrlbbb on underwater for a while before running out of power. Then you (and optionally your squadmates) go raid abandoned buildings for weapons and equipment, you shoot others players, resurrect your pals when they get shot, chase airdropped supply crates, dodge airdropped bombs, and generally try to murder each other as the safe zone shrinks. It's a Plunkbut with sharks.

Sharks mean that the unsafe zone isn't a boring blue fizzle but rather a place where sharks will freely come nibble. Sharks mean you can throw a Chumnade to attract sharks to bite people. Sharks mean mate, you go underwater, and being in water is the very best place you can be. This sea ranges from deep dark holes through a kelp forest, abandoned research facilities, an ancient sunken city, shipwrecks, and other places I wish I could be.

My plans for this evening are to have a quick swim as the tide goes out then come home to speargun jerks. And in the game. I have heard some pretty good things about Last Tide and am curious to see for myself.

Last Tide is out now on Steam Early Access for £11.39/€12.49/$14.99. Digital Confectioners plan to launch the full version in around July 2019, using the time to add new items, whack in events and cosmetic doodads, tweak it, and so on - early access stuff.

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