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Trim grass and dodge missiles in Law Mower's demo

Mind the flowers

At first I thought Law Mower [official site] was going to be a nice little game about keeping your garden tidy (the Steam description talks about you mowing "every blade of grass in the world"). Nope. I've just played the demo, and I got turned to a pulp when I ran over an exploding gopher.

If I'd watch the new trailer first then I would've had a better idea: you're a man with a mower, and you have to run over dogs, avoid missiles (mowing is serious business) and run over other people trying to peek over the garden fence. There's a single player campaign that frames the madness, and online multiplayer too – it's all out on 8th August.

Here's the spiel from developers Scoria Studios:

"Law Mower comes with a 45 map campaign split into three episodes: Knee Deep in the Crud, The Moors That Smell, and Thy Grass Exhumed. Each episode takes place at a different time of year. Mow every level while fighting off dogs, infantry, and other home owners. Choose the difficulty appropriate to your skill level, and complete each level under the time limit and without dying to get 3-star perfection."

The free demo is multiplayer only, and you'll be facing off against bots in deathmatch, capture the flag, and king of the hill modes. Basically, run dudes over if you see them. There's a LOT of blood and things that go boom. It's all very silly but I can imagine it would be fun if you packed 16 people into a server and let them rev up. I tried it with 15 bots and the result was utter carnage:

Law Mower demo

That said, there are a fair few bugs. I played for about 15 minutes and the game crashed twice, and I turned invisible once. There's not long until release, but that needs to be sorted.

The demo is up on Steam.

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