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Left 4 Minecraft: Blocky Modding

You may have seen some sites reporting yesterday that Michael Louisseize, operator of World Of Minecraft, is creating a Left 4 Dead mod that merges Valve's four-player shooter with Notch's world-taking-over craft-em-up. We have a few more details about it below.

It's such a cute idea. Check out the trailer at the bottom to confirm this. Louisseize explains that it's a four-level campaign, beginning in Minecraft caves, with multiple paths and maze-like confusion. (Although he's considering using redstone torches to offer some hints about the correct way to go.) Then it's into a small island village, which he's considering making a "free-roam" map, complete with puzzles to solve to unlock specific areas. The four of you will next treck into a mountainside forest, and finally onto the top of the mountain, and then back down the other side into a castle. Which of course ends with jumping into a minecart to make good your escape. He promises Minecraft tools will be included as weapons, and ideally see the enemies replaced with those from Minecraft. Because what is scarier than a staring Creeper? Nothing. That's what.

He's even planning a Survival/Scavenge map in the village level, as a territory-holding challenge. He seems to have already arranged a first game of this, against Valve's Chet Faliszek, Twisted Metal's David Jaffe and Notch himself, Markus Persson. Which should be fun. For him.

So have a look at this early build trailer, which shows the first cave level in progress. Although quite how anyone's supposed to be able to walk past those redstone ore blocks without trying to shoot the goodness out is beyond me.

Watch on YouTube

You can see more trailers testing the project here. Oh, and there's this rather splendid poster, too, by his friend Snowman:

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