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Legacy Of Kain devs Crystal Dynamics seek opinions about new games in the series

There will be blood, eventually

Fancy playing a new Legacy Of Kain game at some point in the indefinite future? Well, Crystal Dynamics are running a survey seeking opinions about where a hypothetical next instalment in the series might go. They’re also checking whether anyone would be up for remasters or remakes of earlier games, such as Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver. If you don’t enjoy the sound of a satirical co-op beat ‘em up set in the vampiric realm of Nosgoth then you might want to chime in with your thoughts.

Crystal Dynamics are looking to return to the Legacy Of Kain series after years of Tomb Raider games.

Crystal Dynamics have come up with a pretty in-depth questionnaire about how players feel towards the Legacy Of Kain series. It covers what you think matters in the games themselves, who the better protagonist is out of Kain and Raziel, and what the world of Nosgoth should be like. The studio also seem to be testing the waters around vampire games in general, asking a whole bunch of questions about what makes a good one. Blood and fangs, presumably.

Interestingly, nestled among the questions from Crystal Dynamics is one about how you’d respond to the announcement of a new Legacy Of Kain game. They follow that up by asking players whether they’d prefer it to be a remaster, sequel, reboot or remake. Along with these questions are some revolving around what genre a new game should be (Metroidvania, MOBA and survival are options), and whether it ought to be single-player or multiplayer. If you ever wanted a Legacy Of Kain visual novel then now’s your chance to put that out there.

There hasn’t been a new Legacy Of Kain game for a long time - nearly twenty years, in fact. The last was Defiance in 2003. Multiplayer spin-off Nosgoth was announced in 2013, but only managed an open beta that began in 2015 and ran for just over a year. Some of the series is still available on Steam and GOG, but Square Enix temporarily withdrew the first Soul Reaver from sale. Crystal Dynamics were bought by Embracer Group earlier this year, however, and Embracer have expressed interest in reviving the series after the long gap.

It very much seems as though Crystal Dynamics are taking the idea of a new game in the Legacy Of Kain series seriously. What that’ll be though, we’ll have to wait and see. You can take the survey yourself here.

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