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Board 'Em Up: Legions Of Steel Goes From Tabletop To PC

Man vs. machine

Often when I'm in a pub I'll regail strangers with great tales of how I'll one day make my millions by pitching game developers great ideas I've stolen from board games I once played in a recroom during the '90s. It's a great tragedy that Studio Nyx got there ahead of me with Legions of Steel [official site], which if you're old enough you might recognise as an old tactical board game about saving humanity from mechanical jerks.

The original rule-set has been recreated for its PC release by the French studio - The game's out now and you can watch in action below:

It's a lovely setting about the dark future of the Milky Way and sentient machines who you fight as part of a small squad. So there's a nice whiff of Battlestar Galactica to it, albeit more in tune with the show and not the slower-paced and psychology-heavy board game. Legions of Steel is brutish and warring, with two turn-based campaigns set in underground facilities and a squad of guys to lead and order against AI baddies. It's the kind of game where one bad order can mean the demise of your entire squad. According to the developer, there's also a dynamic tournament system for same human v. human action.

on Steam for £14.99 or it's £12.99 direct from publishers Slitherine, who also sell a boxed version for £19.99.

Watch on YouTube

You can check out an early prototype below, which gives you an idea of some of the development decisions made to translate this from tabletops:

Watch on YouTube

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