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Lego Batman 3 Launches, Heads For Outer Space

For brick-building and being friends in outer space

And in "opportunities to teach your child more about vigilante justice using playthings they know and love" news, Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham launched yesterday - you can take it for a spin with a free demo.

I confess I've not kept up with all the recent Lego releases. At this point it feels less like a franchise and more of a brick-based pop culture library. Lego are basically the modern equivalent of a monastic scriptorium, where the Lego monks transcribe plots and concepts from television, movies and books and then add illuminated letters in the form of construction flourishes.

ANYWAY. For this one, Batman is teaming up with a bunch of other DC characters and going into outer space to stop Brainiac from destroying Earth. Well, I guess not really destroying Earth. More shrinking it down and putting it on his mantelpiece or in a zoo or wherever a Collector Of Worlds would keep those kinds of things.

Is that a bad thing, by the way? I don't know the physics involved in his shrink ray. Because if it just makes everything tiny then could we not just explore the other tiny worlds or, I dunno, go about our tiny business? OH. Update: I've been researching and he bottles cities as samples and then destroys the original planet. Why would you do that? Also, why would you call him a Collector of Worlds when he's clearly a Collector of Cities And Stuff.

Seems peaceful

ANYWAY [AGAIN] in order to stop this happening evil villains and super heroes must unite and so on and so forth. The Lantern worlds are involved too. I am trying to work out what a Lantern world is from wiki entries. Maybe some kind of quasi-religious power company and/or pyramid scheme?

Look. Lego Batman 3 exists now. That's my point. You can play it if you want.

Graham, please can you come and make sense of this post. [And where is the Graham? He's at home! Washing his tights -Alice]

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