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Lego Indiana Jones Demo - Update

[Update: Now with thoughts]

Only a fool wouldn't be excited to get a turn with a new Lego game from Traveller's Tales, so please be outstanding for the arrival of Lego Indiana Jones' demo.

It's a chunky 32 and a half Peggles, and you can read thoughts below.

It's certainly... familiar.

Hopefully this is just with the demo, but I couldn't get it to recognise anything other than the keyboard for controls, which was a bit awkward. Especially as the game's camera has no intention of helping you out with depth perception when having to move through the z-axis.

Anyhow, it's as charming and as silly as you'd expect from the series. Everything explodes into Lego chunks when hit as you might expect. As you'd expect, you can switch between the two characters to complete puzzles. As expected, you can build items out of piles of Lego.... Exactly. It's all so very similar to Lego Star Wars that the word "expect" starts to sound weird from saying it so often.

Of course, it's foolish to dismiss something for being as good as something else that's really good. If you see what I mean. However, beyond an additional whip the demo offers nothing groundbreaking. It does, however, offer the scene running away from the big scary ball, which is important.

The cutscenes are completely gorgeous, the animation perfect, and the silliness ideal. It bodes well for LIJ spoofing the films as with the first Lego Star Wars, rather than attempting to eulogise them as with the second Lego Star Wars.

But, look, this is the most important thing: As soon as I completed the demo, I started playing it over again in the Free Play mode, with other available characters. Despite the familiarity, it still makes me want to play it.

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