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First-Person Parkour: Lemma Released With Demo


I never knew how much I wanted games to have a button to let me forward-roll whenever I jolly well pleased, and now I don't want to leave Lemma [official site]. AND! You can look down to see your arms and legs and body. If you're a bitter cynic who demands more than SEEING LEGS! then I suppose the first-person parkour with mantling, wall-running, and wall-jumping might please you. Or the voxelicious world which materialises walls and platforms as if by magic as you run.

Lemma launched yesterday, and has a demo you can give a whirl.

It's a first-person parkour platformer set in an odd world of floating platforms and abstract structures, where your movements can create more too. With the magic of voxels, in places you'll find walls and floors rising as you need them. It all looks very cool. The platforming's pretty good too, once you get used to the feel of the movement - the long jump threw me for a while. See for yourself in the demo.

We've had an eye on Lemma for years as developer Evan Todd worked away. His Kickstarter campaign for it fell short, but bless him he finished it up. Now it's out for about £10, on Steam, Itch.io, and through a Humble Store widget. All places offer Steam keys, but Itch and Humble give Todd a bigger cut.

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